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We've added Annotations and Sitemap Cards to the plugin

UX Stack Guru release

What's inside:

UX Stack Guru for Figma containing kit for building flow chart kit, user flow kit, printable sketchbooks kit, sitemap kit. Also templates for UX process such as: user story map, empathy map, persona, user journey map, SWOT analysis, card sorting, dot voting, design research, design brief, lotus diagram, product canvas, lean UX canvas, feature planning, feedback grid, and more. You can even organize your kanban boards inside Figma. Additionally numerous of components to help you with creating more meaningful experiences.

UX Stack Guru for FigJam also containing kit for building especially flow charts, information architecture, timelines, and more.

Plugin for Figma and FigJam you will get a key for unlimited usage of our plugin.

69 Black & White Whoooa! illustrations that can be used in your projects

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Free UX Flow

UX Flow kit for creating flowcharts

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    Free UX Flow kit for desktop (Figma)
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    Free UX Flow kit for desktop (FigJam)
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    Plugin for Figma & FigJam
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    Free flowchart examples & components
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    Limited number of components
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UX Stack Guru

UX Stack Guru to replace all of UX tools and subscriptions

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    UX Flow kit for desktop & mobile (Figma & FigJam)
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    User Flow kit
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    Printable Sketchbook kit
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    Sitemap kit
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    UX process templates
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    69 illustrations (23 subjects)
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    Plugin for Figma & FigJam (Premium version)
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    Numerous examples & components
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