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Meet Greg & Piotr

We are an experienced duo of product designer and full stack developer. Our paths crossed in a SaaS company where we were leading a big redesign of an existing product. In addition to great professional cooperation, a true friendship has started. Both of us had a big hunger for creating our own products so we started finding our place in the market. We have prototyped multiple different concepts together trying to fulfill that need, and here we are, proudly presenting the first (and hopefully not the last!) one of these.

Greg Dlubacz

A hands-on creative with more than 15 years of design experience.

Greg has been responsible for product design for clients such as Subway, Western Union, Vision Express, First Choice, Edinburgh City Council and NHS, Shoptiques. He is a passion-driven and creative mind creating effective, unique, pixel-perfect and simple solutions. When he is not busy designing, he can be found in various locations all around the world, possibly playing video games, as a true digital nomad. The mix of professional experience and all of the knowledge gained while traveling makes him a unique creator.

Piotr Mitrega​

Front-end oriented software engineer focused on AI technology.

Piotr started his career working in the games industry working on various 2D/3D mobile and desktop applications for interactive exhibitions, technological parks, and events of different kinds. During his 8 years of career, he wore many hats before settling down as a web developer which only enriched his perspective and approach while creating products. Outside of work, he is mostly busy with being a father of two, trying to use the barely-existing free time for sports.

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